Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Tips To Help Lower Your AC Bill

by Louise Moore

The air conditioner has become a necessary part of summer, especially when the temperatures begin to climb toward the triple digits. Just because the temperature is rising higher, doesn't mean that your power bill should, though. There are ways to enjoy your air conditioner while still saving a bit of money. The following tips may help.

Tip #1: Shade the Windows

The windows are usually the least insulated area of your home, so they let in a lot of heat during the day. One way to keep your house cooler that also allows the AC to run less is to shade the windows that are receiving the most sunlight. You can use insulated curtains inside or installing awnings for shade outside. Another option is to use solar screens in these windows. These screens have a tight, reflective mesh that allows air to flow through while reflecting UV light.

Tip #2: Get With the Program

A programmable thermostat is a major way to save money, and it does so year around. Set the temperature a little higher for when no one is home during the day, and a little cooler for the evenings and weekends. Just bumping the AC up a few degrees can result in major savings. The best part? Do this in reverse in the winter and save on your heating bill, too.

Tip #3: Service With a Smile

An annual AC maintenance check-up is a must. Bring in a professional such as those from Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services to clean out the main unit and inspect it each year before the cooling season begins. Not only will this ensure your AC is running as efficiently as possible, the tech may catch problems early while they are still small and inexpensive. Then, keep up the maintenance by changing out or cleaning the filter every month during the cooling season – clean filters mean better and more efficient cooling, which saves you money.

Tip #4: Some Don't Like It Hot

It's no secret that cooking heats up your kitchen. Make summer the time of outdoor grilling and barbecues. Crockpots are another great way to cook in summer, but set them up outside or in the garage so they don't heat up your home. If you must cook indoors, skip the oven. Instead, opt for quick-cooking stovetop methods. Also, keep in mind the stove isn't the only appliance that heats your home. Turn off televisions, computers, and incandescent bulbs when they aren't in use.


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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

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