Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Leasing An Apartment? 3 Reasons You Should Hire An HVAC Inspector

by Louise Moore

When you purchase a home, inspections are required before closing on the deal. This makes sense, of course, due to the high risk that comes with buying. But buying isn't the only time that HVAC inspections make sense. Outlined below are three reasons you should consider hiring an HVAC inspector, even if you're only looking to lease.

You May Be Responsible for HVAC Repairs After Moving In

Your lease agreement will fully spell out all responsibilities, and sometimes, repairs of HVAC systems may be one of them.

HVAC repairs can be costly and time consuming. If your lease requires that you fix these issues, you may get into legal hot water for not doing so, especially if damage occurs as a result. While HVAC issues can occur during your lease term, it's best to check out the state of the HVAC system in the apartment prior to signing an agreement.

The landlord may be willing to fix it on his dime, or you may learn that your landlord would rather pawn those responsibilities off on his tenants. Either way, it's best to know how your landlord will handle such issues and what you're getting yourself into before you're stuck.  

You May Be Uncomfortable Until the Issue is Fixed

Your new apartment is littered with sky-high towers of boxes – after a long day of moving, you're ready to settle in for your first night when you realize the HVAC system isn't properly cooling or heating.

An improperly working HVAC system can mean discomfort for you, but it can be easily avoided with a proper inspection beforehand. Unless there is a true emergency, an HVAC professional may not be able to fit you in for an appointment for days, meaning you could be living in an uncomfortably cold or hot home for an undetermined amount of time. Even if the issues aren't dangerous, they can still be inconvenient and time consuming to deal with.

You May Be in Danger if Certain Issues Aren't Known

Whether your landlord knew about them prior to you signing your lease or not, there may be safety issues as a result of an improperly functioning HVAC system that could put you and your family in danger.

Natural gas leaks, electrical fires, and mold are just a few of the dangers that can occur as a result of an improperly serviced and uninspected HVAC system. If these issues aren't discovered until you're already moved in and locked into your lease, you could be dealing with hefty emergency repair costs, costs to relocate temporarily, and even costs to repair damage as a result of the danger.

Don't gamble with your money, or your life. While HVAC inspections aren't a required part of apartment leasing, they're a smart investment and an important safety step for you to take. To learn more, contact a service like Streamline Services, Inc.


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