Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Sneaky Ways Your Home Can Be Fighting Your Air Conditioning System

by Louise Moore

When you turn your air conditioner on, you want to know it is going to cool down your home in an efficient manner. There are a lot of sneaky ways your home can allow that cool air to leak from your home or allow the heat to come in. This will make it more difficult for you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and it will increase your energy expenses. Plus, it will cause your air conditioner to do more work than it should, which causes extra wear and tear on the entire system. Learn about some of the ways you can keep the heat out and the cool air in by reading this article.

Your outside wall

If you have an outside wall that takes on a lot of direct sunlight, try putting the palm of your hand on the wall from the inside of your house during the heat of the day. If this wall is warm on the inside, then that means the heat from outside is penetrating through the wall to the inside of your home. This works against the air conditioner.

You can help to keep that wall cooler by having an awning installed on that portion of the house. Some awnings can even be controlled with a remote control or a switch controlled from in your home. This way, you can direct it to come down before the heat of the day from inside your home. Other awnings will stay in the same position at all times.

Your roof and attic

The sun beats on your roof most of the day. This means the roof can get quite hot. A lot of the heat the roof takes on will go directly into the attic. If you have any cracks or openings in your attic access doors, that heat will come right out into your house. Seal up your attic the best you can and allow trees to grow enough to shade your roof to help keep your home cooler.

Your air conditioning system

It's a good idea to have your air conditioning services annually by HVAC professionals like McKinney Heating & Air Conditioning. They will also be able to check for leaks in your system and correct any issues they find. You also want to pay attention to your system and have any new sounds checked out. If you notice one of the rooms is not getting as cool as the others, this can also indicate a leak somewhere in your system.


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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

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