Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

How To Clean Your Air Registers And Ducts

by Louise Moore

The efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system depends on several factors. If there are actual problems with your furnace or AC unit, you will probably want to consult an HVAC specialist. However, there are a few things that you can do to ensure your system is as efficient as possible. One of the simplest and most effective DIY HVAC repairs you can make is to simply clean your air ducts and registers. This article explains how to do this with basic tools you probably already have around the house.

Cleaning the Air Registers

First, you want to clean the air registers. Even if you clean your walls and the exterior of your registers on a regular basis, you need to actually remove them and clean both sides. Removing the registers is very simple, you just need to take out a couple of screws. You might also need a utility knife to cut any paint or caulk that is sealing the edges of the registers. Once they're off the wall, clean between each vent of the register. If you have plastic, vinyl, fiberglass or PVC registers, you can actually clean them very easily in the sink with dish soap. If your registers are metal or wooden, you should just clean them with a damp rag.

Cleaning the Ducts

While you have the registers removed from the wall, it is also very important that you clean the edge of the duct opening, especially where it meets the drywall. There is usually a ridge here and dust can get caught between it.

Now, you need to try and clean deep inside your ducts. Even if you don't have duct cleaning equipment, there are several things you can use as alternatives. For instance, a telescoping painter's pole works great if you have a feather dusting attachment. You can also tape a damp rag to the end of your pole. If you slightly dampen the rag, it will wipe up a lot of the dust along the sidewalls. You will also need a flashlight so you can see as you reach deep into the ducts and wipe down the sidewalls. Use a flashlight to keep an eye out for mold formation. If you do spot any mold, immediately consult a contractor, like Thermotech Inc, as it can be a serious health hazard.

These two simple repairs can definitely increase airflow of your heating and air conditioning system. They can also make the air circulating throughout your house cleaner. This is a major concern if you or any of the household members have allergies.


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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

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