Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Commercial A/C Repair: What Is That Thing? And Other Oddities

by Louise Moore

Commercial air conditioners are massive appliances, and rightly so. These things have to generate enough cool air to cool buildings comprised of multiple stories. As anyone knows, the bigger the appliance or machine, the more repairs you can expect. As for commercial a/c repair, there is no end to the bizarre repair tickets you will have to put into an HVAC contractor. Here are just a few of the weirder things you should expect.


Birds, as lovely as they can be, are definitely not the brightest animals. From small wild finches to geese and birds of prey, HVAC contractors have found all kinds of dead birds stuck in commercial A/C units. Sometimes, even live birds are stuck inside after the birds decided to nest there and before the units were turned on for the hotter months. Sadly, there really is not much you can do to prevent this, especially if your A/C units are located on the roof of your building. All you can do is have someone check the units every other week to once a month to make sure birds are not trying to nest, roost, or have accidentally flown into the units. 

Hail Stones the Size of Softballs

Softballs are almost three times the size of baseballs. When you get hailstones falling from the sky onto your commercial A/C units, these massive chunks of ice can do some serious damage. Aside from dents, the chunks of ice can wreck some of the internal components if the ice makes it past the large, whirring fan blades. After a storm with this kind of hail, you can expect all kinds of problems with your building's A/C.

Impalement via Tornado

Even though commercial air conditioning units are made of sturdy steel construction on the outside, that does not mean that they are impenetrable. Tornadoes of Mach 3 and above can hurtle objects into and through the units. Imagine having to remove a tree limb that is about eight inches in diameter at its thickest end from one of your units! This could happen, especially if your building is parked in one of the main states that make up "tornado alley" (e.g., Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, etc.).

Space Junk

Space junk falling from the air is somewhat unlikely, but not impossible. The more probable issue is debris from aircraft or objects shot into the air that comes down and lands on or in your A/C units. All of this debris has to be removed if you want your units to continue functioning normally.


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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

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