Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Eliminating Dog Urine From Heating Floor Vents

by Louise Moore

The canine companion in your life brings a lot of joy, but it's possible that he could be causing some trouble around the house. Puppies and older dogs can have a very difficult time controlling their bladders leading to accidents throughout the house. If your dog has urinated in the heating floor vent, you have a little bit of work to do. Here, you'll learn how to get the urine out of floor vents without leaving odors behind.

Buy Enzyme Killing Cleaner

You can find different types of enzyme killing cleaner at your local home improvement store or pet store. Nature's Miracle is one such cleaner. The solution works to kill the enzymes in the pet urine that cause the odors and can be used on all types of surfaces. Spray it, leave it dry and the urine smell is gone.

Absorb the Urine

Prior to spraying the cleaner on the urine, do your best to absorb as much of the urine as possible. A great way to absorb a lot of urine quickly is to get a pack of diapers – adult or baby. The inside of the diaper will pull in the urine and lock it in.

Bend a wire hanger to form a gadget that will fit down in the floor vent with a diaper taped very securely to it. Send it into the vent and move it around to capture the urine trapped down there. Just be sure that you secure it very well or you could face the challenge of getting a diaper out of your ductwork.

Kill the Smell

Even after you've cleaned all of the liquid urine out of the vent, you'll have odors to deal with. Spray the cleaning solution into the vent making sure to coat the sides and the bottom. Allow the solution to dry, spray it once more and then turn on the HVAC fan to blow air through the vent. This will dry the solution even faster.

If the odor remains, repeat the process. It can take several attempts to get the urine smell out of the vent since there are small crevices and cracks to get clean.

If this process fails to eliminate the urine smell coming from your floor vents, contact your local duct cleaning team for assistance. It's possible the urine has run further into the ductwork than you can reach. The team will complete a thorough cleaning and you'll never even know that your furry friend had caused these problems in the first place.


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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

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