Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

3 Tips For Getting Your House Winter Ready

by Louise Moore

As summer and fall come and go and the seasons begin to change to bitterly cold weather, you need to fortify your home to make it through several winters. These are often the toughest months for most people because of the freezing temperatures and because your home utilities become more expensive. You need a game plan to protect your home from the worst that winter brings. Read the three tips below to build that game plan and keep your home safe and cozy in the wintertime. 

#1: Take time to get furnace repairs throughout the year

The mistake that most people make is forgetting all about their furnace throughout the year, and then paying for it once the temperatures drop. Once winter gets here, the work of HVAC contractors will be in high demand, and so will the costs. However, when you tackle your furnace repairs in the summer, spring or even fall, you'll get better prices and will know that your heater is cared for well in advance. You'll also want to shop around for the cost of these furnace repairs since some general repairs might cost upwards of $900 or so. Ask for repair estimates in writing so you can compare them until you find the best HVAC pros. 

#2: Keep up with your general plumbing repairs and shore up insulation needs

There are many plumbers that double as HVAC contractors and vice versa. Find a professional that handles both so that they can protect your household each winter. Consider insulating your hot water heater tank so that your water stays warm and so that you save some money. You can lower energy use by upwards of 45% when you take the time to insulate your hot water heater.

#3: Get a pre-season HVAC inspection

Finally, do everything you can to ward off problems before they become a more pressing issue. For starters, hire a professional that can inspect your furnace. Look into the help of some licensed and insured furnace repair contractors; they'll go down a checklist and make sure that every fixture is running as it should. Getting a routine furnace inspection should only cost you about $200 or so and will be worth the cost.  

Use these points and reach out to some heating repair services that can help you out. Your home will better for it and you'll make it through even the worst winters. 


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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

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