Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Unusual Plumbing Noises And The Repairs You May Need To Fix Them

by Louise Moore

Your plumbing usually works quietly in the background, so you often forget it's even there. That makes unusual or loud noises even more bothersome. Plumbing noises are usually signs of problems that need to be repaired. Besides fixing the problem so the noise doesn't irritate you, you could be preventing further problems with your plumbing by having repairs done right away. Here are some reasons for unusual noises from your plumbing.

A Rushing Sound Caused By A Burst Pipe

The sound of rushing water when all the faucets are off is never a good sign. If you hear the faint sound of water rushing in your home, check your water meter right away to see if it's moving. You can also turn off your water main to see if the sound stops and then starts again when you turn the water back on. The rushing sound could be due to water pouring out of a burst pipe that's under the floor or behind a wall, so you'll want to shut your water off and call for a plumber.

Shuddering Sounds Due To High Plumbing Pressure

If the pressure of the water coming into your house is too high, it can cause the water pipes to shudder and vibrate. If you have a newer home, it may have a pressure regulator on your main plumbing line. Check it and turn the pressure down to see if that helps your problem. If that doesn't work, you may want a plumber to install a new pressure regulator so you can control the water pressure to your house. High pressure that goes on for too long can cause damage to the pipes and joints as well as your appliances, so get a plumber's help in getting the situation under control.

Pipes Banging Due To A Flooded Air Chamber

When you turn on a water faucet, water rushes out due to the pressure of the water through the pipes. When you turn the water off, the pressure has to be released somehow or the water bangs against the pipes as it stops suddenly. Your plumbing probably has an air chamber near the faucet that allows the water to climb up it when the faucet is turned off as a way of relieving pressure. Sometimes the air chamber gets filled with water instead of air and then the banging noises start. When this becomes a problem, your plumber may need to install an arrestor that absorbs pressure when you turn off a faucet so the pipes don't bang.

Hissing Or Popping From A Toilet Or Water Heater

Besides these pipe noises, your toilet can make a number of whistling, hissing, and gurgling noises that could point to problems in the tank or with the drain. Also, your water heater may crackle and pop when it has sediment buildup. When you hear noises you don't usually hear associated with your plumbing and you can't figure out why, call a plumber to fix the problem before a leak or clog develops that turns into an emergency.

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