Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

  • What Is Air Sealing?

    We call know that air conditioning costs money, but did you know that it makes up about 12% of the average American's energy bill? Throw heating expenditures into the equation and you've got a lot of money flowing through the ductwork in your home. For homeowners looking to maximize their energy efficiency, air sealing your home is a great way to save a few bucks and reduce the wear and tear on your air conditioning unit.

  • Don't Forget To Do These 2 Easy AC Maintenance Jobs Today

    If you're using your cooling system more than normal lately, take a few minutes or so to maintain your indoor and outdoor units. Cooling units can experience a great deal of wear and tear during the summer. Some of this wear and tear can damage your system over time. Here are two very easy AC maintenance jobs you or someone else can do today. Sweep Out the Air Handler Closet

  • Toilet-Related Matters That A Plumbing Service Can Help You With

    Chances are good that you and all of the other members of your household use the toilets in your house multiple times throughout the day. It only makes sense that you might need help with toilet-related matters at some point or another. These are some of the toilet-related matters that a plumbing service might be able to help you with.  Installing a New Toilet There are a few reasons why you might be thinking about installing a new toilet in your home.

  • 3 Things To Look For In A New AC Unit

    Buying a new AC unit is an important investment as it will determine how cool your home can get during the hotter months. If you're looking to buy the perfect unit that works out long-term, keep a lookout for these things in particular.  Energy-Efficient Design If you don't spend time thinking about the energy-efficiency of this new AC unit, then you may end up with a system that costs a lot of money to run each month.

  • Top Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need A Repair

    The ideal way to get through the summer months is by having an air conditioner (AC) that works well. This can allow your home to be the most comfortable all the time. Certain things can indicate your AC may need to be fixed. Understanding what these are can be very helpful to you. 1. Blowing out hot air Do you find that your AC is constantly blowing out hot air? If so, this can be an instant sign that you need to have your unit checked.

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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Hi there, my name is Marissa Sonder. I would like to use my site to talk about the different types of furnaces available for residential and commercial applications. Growing up, my school had an actual boiler room that provided heat and hot water for the entire building. All of the students loved to go down to the boiler room and learn about all of the components down there. Although many buildings have moved on from this old piece of equipment, I would like to discuss its use in detail on this site. I will also talk about modern electric, natural gas, propane and oil furnace systems. Thanks for coming by.