Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

  • Four Essential Maintenance Tasks You Need To Do Before Turning Off Your AC

    Soon, it will be time to turn the AC in your home off. This means that it is time to start getting the furnace ready for the winter months. Before you start preparing your heating though, you will want to turn your AC off, and there are some things that you will want to do to winterize it. Here are some of the maintenance tasks you will want to do before turning your air conditioner off for this year:

  • Is Your Boiler Leaking? Here Is What You Should Know

    Boiler leakages are usually a symptom of an underlying problem. Some of the problems that lead to boiler leaks are serious and require the immediate attention of a contractor, some call for replacement of parts of the boiler, while for others, a simple tweak is enough to solve them. The following are common causes of boiler leaks that you should know: Cracks Switching a boiler on and off usually subjects it to temperature changes that cause rapid expansion and contraction.

  • Looking At The Benefits Of Designer Air Systems

    When you come home from work during the hottest days of summer, you may have a habit of automatically going to the thermostat to turn it down to a lower temperature. You may do the same thing when you come home and your home is not warm enough during the winter. If you find yourself adjusting your thermostat more than once a day, you need to know how you can benefit from an air system designed specifically for you and your home.

  • Air Conditioning Frozen? 3 Things You Can Do To Fix The Problem

    A frozen AC unit is a very common problem, especially when temperatures start to soar. While it is a frustrating problem to say the least, a frozen air conditioner doesn't mean that your unit is failing or that there is an expensive repair bill on the horizon. There are several things that may cause your air conditioner to freeze up, such as poor air flow, a dirty coil and blocked vents.

  • You Don't Want Clogged Drains: 5 Things You Should Never Put In Your Garbage Disposal

    You have a garbage disposal. So, you should be able to send all your leftover food down the drain. Right? Wrong. If you're sending everything through the garbage disposal, you could be asking for some serious drain problems. Here are just some of the items that should never go through the disposal or the drains. Grease The grease at the bottom of the pan is liquidy right now. However, once you pour it down the drain, it's going to cool down and become a thick mess.

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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Hi there, my name is Marissa Sonder. I would like to use my site to talk about the different types of furnaces available for residential and commercial applications. Growing up, my school had an actual boiler room that provided heat and hot water for the entire building. All of the students loved to go down to the boiler room and learn about all of the components down there. Although many buildings have moved on from this old piece of equipment, I would like to discuss its use in detail on this site. I will also talk about modern electric, natural gas, propane and oil furnace systems. Thanks for coming by.