Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

  • Eliminating Dog Urine From Heating Floor Vents

    The canine companion in your life brings a lot of joy, but it's possible that he could be causing some trouble around the house. Puppies and older dogs can have a very difficult time controlling their bladders leading to accidents throughout the house. If your dog has urinated in the heating floor vent, you have a little bit of work to do. Here, you'll learn how to get the urine out of floor vents without leaving odors behind.

  • Commercial A/C Repair: What Is That Thing? And Other Oddities

    Commercial air conditioners are massive appliances, and rightly so. These things have to generate enough cool air to cool buildings comprised of multiple stories. As anyone knows, the bigger the appliance or machine, the more repairs you can expect. As for commercial a/c repair, there is no end to the bizarre repair tickets you will have to put into an HVAC contractor. Here are just a few of the weirder things you should expect.

  • Fearing An Upcoming Furnace Failure? Actions Homeowners Can Take To Prolong The Life Of Their Electric Furnace

    Along with gas and propane, electricity is one of the most common types of heat in American homes today. In fact, many homeowners prefer the convenience of electric heat sources, such as furnaces, boilers, and baseboard heaters because there is no need to have a bulky fuel tank in the yard or have piping installed. In addition, electric heat is known as a safe, clean heat source, with no oil or gas fumes or residue to worry about.

  • The Benefits Of Having An Air Conditioner Installed During The Winter Months

    If your air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may be thinking about having one installed now, during the wintertime. If you have never done this before, you may wonder if it can even be done. Air conditioners can be installed during the winter months and there are many benefits to doing so. Here are a few of the benefits of having an air conditioner installed in the wintertime.

  • 3 Tips For Keeping Your Restaurant Dining Room At A Comfortable Temperature For Patrons

    Keeping your restaurant dining room at a comfortable temperature for your patrons can be tough. However, if you follow these tips, you can help ensure that you do so. 1. Consider Installing Separate Units First of all, have you ever thought about installing separate units in the dining room and the kitchen? As you have probably already noticed, it can be easy for you and your employees to get hot when you're working in your commercial kitchen.

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    Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

    Hi there, my name is Marissa Sonder. I would like to use my site to talk about the different types of furnaces available for residential and commercial applications. Growing up, my school had an actual boiler room that provided heat and hot water for the entire building. All of the students loved to go down to the boiler room and learn about all of the components down there. Although many buildings have moved on from this old piece of equipment, I would like to discuss its use in detail on this site. I will also talk about modern electric, natural gas, propane and oil furnace systems. Thanks for coming by.