Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

  • Facts About Converting Your R-22 HVAC System To One That Uses R-410A Refrigerant

    Because of the impact R-22 refrigerant has had on the ozone layer, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken steps to completely phase it out. Many people that currently have HVAC systems still using R-22 are considering having their systems converted to use the new, safer refrigerant, R-410A. Converting your HVAC system is not the typical DIY project. When it comes to making this conversion, learn the reasons why you will need to call an HVAC professional for getting it done.

  • Step-By-Step Furnace Installation: What To Expect

    If you are in need of a new furnace, you may be wondering how the HVAC contractor or technician handles the job. You may also be wondering if you should take the day off from work and/or how long the job will take. The following shows a step-by-step furnace installation so you know exactly what to expect when the contractor or technician shows up. Step 1: Unbolting the Old Furnace from the Floor

  • Considering An Upgrade? Here Are Tips To Help Reduce Your Future HVAC Costs

    By making workplaces more comfortable, air conditioning systems usually play an important role when it comes to increasing employee productivity. The only problem is that these systems tend to consume a lot of energy, something that usually eats into the profits of most small businesses. If your air conditioning system is ineffective when it comes to cooling your place of work, it may be time to consider upgrading it. And while you can simply replace the existing system with a new one, there are steps that you can take to not only ensure that the costs of replacing your system are minimal, but also that you significantly reduce the energy needs of the new system.

  • Four Common Causes Of An AC Leak

    Water leaking from your air conditioner can cause major issues in your home. Leaking water can pool in walls, leading to rot, mildew or mold problems. Roof-mounted units that leak can weaken your roof, causing leaks into your ceiling and attic. The leak itself may also be a major concern for the general operation of your AC. Pinpointing the cause and getting it fixed is the key to avoiding these issues.

  • Sneaky Ways Your Home Can Be Fighting Your Air Conditioning System

    When you turn your air conditioner on, you want to know it is going to cool down your home in an efficient manner. There are a lot of sneaky ways your home can allow that cool air to leak from your home or allow the heat to come in. This will make it more difficult for you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and it will increase your energy expenses.

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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

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