Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

  • Top Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need A Repair

    The ideal way to get through the summer months is by having an air conditioner (AC) that works well. This can allow your home to be the most comfortable all the time. Certain things can indicate your AC may need to be fixed. Understanding what these are can be very helpful to you. 1. Blowing out hot air Do you find that your AC is constantly blowing out hot air? If so, this can be an instant sign that you need to have your unit checked.

  • Step By Step Guide To Preparing Your Tank, Heating For Oil Delivery

    The heating system in your home may use heating oil, which is a type of diesel fuel that is meant to be used in furnaces, boilers and other mechanical systems. It is often a fuel that has a higher level of particles, which means that there is going to be some work that needs to be done before having your tank filled. The following step-by-step guide will help you with preparing your tank and heating system for fuel delivery while prices are at their lowest:

  • Should You Install A Gas Heater Or Stick With An Electric One In Your Home?

    Whether you are building a home and you need a heat source or you have a heat source already and you want to change it, a dilemma you may face is this deciding between an electric and a gas heater. Propane is a common heat source for homes and is a great gas option for your home should you choose this option, but an electric heater may be best for your needs overall.

  • Common Reasons Why A Gas Furnace Won't Ignite

    Millions of households rely on their gas furnace to keep their homes warm during the wintertime. A properly maintained furnace will usually run for years without any major problems, but issues can still arise. If you have a gas furnace, it uses an ignition system to cause a combustion so it can begin operating and producing heat. When the ignition system in your gas furnace is not working as it should, you will need to troubleshoot the issues, and in some cases, you may need to contact an HVAC company to make repairs to your furnace.

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Learning About Old and New Furnace Options

Hi there, my name is Marissa Sonder. I would like to use my site to talk about the different types of furnaces available for residential and commercial applications. Growing up, my school had an actual boiler room that provided heat and hot water for the entire building. All of the students loved to go down to the boiler room and learn about all of the components down there. Although many buildings have moved on from this old piece of equipment, I would like to discuss its use in detail on this site. I will also talk about modern electric, natural gas, propane and oil furnace systems. Thanks for coming by.